So I was on and decided to share these 13 things which the writer says dads do better than moms…
Read on and let me know if you agree or disagree.
Playing Rough

Kids love to play rough, but most mamas just aren’t as down to get down and wrestle on the floor like the dads are.


Bumps and Bruises

While moms tend to freak out a little bit over their child’s spills and falls, dads tend to err more on the “he’s fine!” side (and the latter usually gets a much more favorable reaction).



Dads have the best character and animal noises. In fact, studies suggest that when a father takes an active role in their child’s life, the child is more likely to get good grades, be more socially involved, and actually enjoy school.



No one has better hiding spots than Daddy.


Shoulder Rides

I can piggyback my kids as well as the next person, but the minute one of them wants to get up on my shoulders is the minute they get passed on to dad (who always hoists them up without hesitation).



I know there are some moms who wear the sporty socks in the family (again, not me), but many husbands have mamas beat in this department.


Creepy Crawlies

Dad’s got this one covered too. And he’ll probably pick up whatever terrified you with his bare hands — and then go show the kids.


Tough Love

A dad’s matter-of-fact way of dealing with discipline is a nice change from mama’s overanalysis of (and talk about) the situation.


Going Off “Schedule”

Many a dad is perfectly OK with going off the schedule (missing naps, staying up late, etc.) — and they usually handle the late-night crazies a lil better too.


Amusement Parks

He may be in it so he can go on the rides, but one thing is for sure, he’ll show his child a good time along the way!


Eating Out

Is it just me or do daddies handle the whole eating-out-with-kids stress way better than moms? My husband will happily take the kids out to dinner, with or without me (that is where they all are, as I write this), and I’d rather keep the feeding frenzy at home.


Science Experiments

Most dads have a knack for science (or at least a love for blowing things up), and kids adore this time with their fathers. 


Vacation Without Kids

Most moms have a really hard time leaving their kids for a much-needed R & R trip with their spouse. Dads, not so much. It’s not that they won’t miss the kids — they absolutely will — but they also are able to see that the benefits of an adult trip far outweigh the negatives.

Agree or Disagree? Or wanna add to the list? Do share with us!

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