Though we all love the ‘babies’ like crazy…

…we definitely don’t want to end up with a dozen of them. 2, 3 or for some, maybe 4 or 5 will be just fine.


So with these figures in view, every mom has to adopt some kind of birth control method and naturally, I believe we all go for the medically proven types.

But there are times when moms do get ‘careless’ in the course of their cycle! So, after those few minutes or hours of ‘reckless’ mommy-daddy behavior, they begin to hang on to those half baked birth control myths as they await the 2-weeks post ovulation pregnancy test.

Below are some of them…

  1. 1.       No orgasm = No baby conception
  2. 2.       Breastfeeding = Birth control
  3. 3.       Drink up the semen and you’ll become more fertile
  4. 4.       Bath or pee immediately after sex and all the sperms will be washed away
  5. 5.       The pill works with immediate effect
  6. 6.       Pulling out before ejaculation keeps all sperms out
  7. 7.       Condoms are not irreplaceable. Balloons work just as well!
  8. 8.       Legs in the air for 20 minutes after sex, increases your pregnancy chances
  9. 9.       Being on ‘top’ reduces your chances of getting pregnant
  10. 10.   Missionary style is the only road that leads to pregnancy
  11. 11.   Cough syrup aids conception
  12. 12.   Recipe for twins = Yams
  13. 13.   No need for contraceptives during ‘safe’ periods
  14. 14.   Drinking lots of water and massaging the tummy after sex prevents pregnancy
  15. 15.   Schweppes Bitter Lemon = contraceptive

Are you a ‘believer’ in any of the listed methods? Are there any other methods missed out from the list? Do share with us…

To be continued…

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