Hey Moms,
It’s another new term. A new school year, to be exact. So just as is commonly done at the beginning of a new calendar year, did you come up with new resolutions for the new school year? Are there things you will like to do better this school year than you did in the previous year.
I know some of us may be assuming that a better school year depends largely on the child. However, do you realize that there are also things parents can do better in order to encourage a more productive year for both themselves and their child?
If you’re wondering what exactly I mean, check out my own new term resolutions…
1. Maintain a consistent bedtime hour – Whether she likes it or not, my daughter has to be at school by 8am. Therefore, I intend getting her to bed early enough every single day in order to make sure she gets the appropriate hours of sleep which will help her function at her best everyday. Also, it will save me having to struggle with a sleepy child in the mornings.
2. Create more bonding time – As hard as it may be, I intend to have quality bonding time with her every single school day, helping her with her homework and catching up on her day at school. These children are easily influenced by their environment and I don’t want her picking up habits foreign to my value system or becoming more familiar with the world than she does with family since she will be spending a better portion of her days with them. I want her to grow up knowing that I am her friend, she can trust me and it is safe to tell me anything.
3. Quit the morning rush – I need to set a good example on organization and discipline. If we are always rushing out every morning and occasionally late to school, I will be telling her that it is okay being scatterhead and getting to places late so long as she has a good enough excuse. She needs to learn that perpetual lateness equates to lack of respect for the system and the people. Also, disorganization leads to lower performance, bad impressions and opportunity losses. So again, no more combing of hair or applying makeup in car. Whatever preparations that can be done the night before must be done the night before and I must consistently get up on time to do the needful.
4. Remember all the important dates – I don’t want to wait for the last minute reminders from the school concerning important term dates. I want to be on top of my game, remembering all these dates way ahead of time and making adequate provision for them.
5. Chat more with the teacher – When dropping her off and picking her up I need to take out quality time to regularly have proper chats with her teacher. That way I don’t have to wait till open day to discover details of what my child has been up to. In addition when teachers realize that the parent(s) show a keen interest in the child, they are likely to take that child a bit more seriously.
6. Fill feedback books and return consent forms on time – Many times it could be quite tiring having to remark in my child’s daily feedback book. But this term I intend going beyond generic remarks to actually take my time to give proper feedbacks. Sometimes as parents we complain so much about the system but give little or late feedbacks, whether in form of approvals, complaints or recommendations. In addition, I won’t be waiting for any teacher to ask for a consent form back. I intend to fill them and return them on time.
7. Maximize my time better – Since I am into business, time management is key. Hence, whenever my child is at school I intend fixing in as many of my own activities as possible within her school hours. That way, my business wouldn’t suffer and also when she is back home I can give her my undivided attention.
Obviously, as with any resolution, all these are easier said than done. Nevertheless, I would be working hard and praying hard to achieve them all!!!
So moms, do you have new term resolutions of your own? What would you like to do better in this new school year? Do share with us.
Image courtesy: moneysmart.ie