There’s no denying that there are some cultures that still struggle to get past the horrid habit of placing higher premium on the male child. Here on the Nigerian side of the globe, ‘serial’ and ‘first time’ moms of baby girls are greeted with sympathetic and admonitory comments like, ‘Don’t worry, God will do it’, ‘It is well’, ‘E e ti bere’ (a traditional way of saying that in the absence of a baby boy, you’ve not started the child bearing journey yet), ‘We are still waiting for the main, the main’ (the main, the main interpreted as a baby boy), ‘Why now?’, ‘You messed up’, etc

As unbelievable as some of these comments may sound, trust me, none are hear-says. They are either remarks which ‘victims’ have told me about or which I overheard first hand. What more, the genuinely concerned faces that often accompany them never fails to amuse me. It’s like what is called ‘taking paracetamol for another person’s headache’.

More amusing is when some ‘super moms’, who have been bombarded with an uninterrupted train of boys, later begin to nurse wishful hopes for a visit from life’s pink side. Sometimes, they voice their desires to the serial pink mom (mother of all girls), who masks her own sarcastic thoughts (that scream ‘yeah right, easy for you to say!) with a broad smile. You see, thanks to culture, some of these pink moms have actually allowed themselves feel so inferior, that their sleeping and waking thoughts centre round hopes of one day attaining bonafide membership of the blue club.

I won’t get myself muddled up in a debate at this point. However I must say that whatever package your little bundle comes in, he/she is the perfect answer to your prayers and deserves to be loved without any reservations or comparisons.

So one advice… Please save yourself the hustle of endless child bearing sprees which just may never yield the results you’re after… After all you’re not God, so why play God?!

Now where is all this going?

Whatever club you belong to, there are lots of unique and special facts about raising your little one that probably would have been missed if he/she had graced this world as an alternative gender. With these facts being both exciting and sometimes amusing, mommies of the blue and pink clubs have eagerly opened up about them…