From head to toe, the gorgeous little tot was dressed in different shades of pink; barbie pink dress, baby pink bow, biscuit pink socks and brink pink shoes. Looking very yummy, it was obvious that she was made of sugar, spice and everything nice.

Everyone gathered around to pitch in for a piece of her. So, chunks of smiles, chuckles, hugs and babbles were what she gallantly gave away.

Her mom, the classic pink mom, couldn’t help but smile. If this smitten audience was so blown away with just a peep into her world, she wondered what would happen if they actually got to be a constant part of it.

Definitely there would be rude shocks of exasperating moments which they neither imagined nor planned for. However the countless fun moments that were sure to follow will make it all a worthwhile experience. This, she knew for a fact. After all, this smiling tot wasn’t her first princess. She was her second!

So these were what she and other pink moms; (moms of girls); said is great about raising a girl…

  • You’re likely to have an easier delivery because female newborns are often a teeny bit smaller than the male newborns
  • When she’s little, you’ll have less fears about her peeing in your face
  • Forget the unwilling men! In her you’ll find an enthusiastic shopping partner
  • With an edge of caution, she’s likely to play softly (at least more softly than boys)
  • It’ll be hilarious watching her mimic you; crayons will be her lipstick and deodorant, etc
  • She’ll have a strong opinion about what she should be dressed in
  • Dressing her up will be lengthy but fun and the admiring ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ you get from outsiders will make it all the more worth it
  • Your husband will finally get to live with someone who can outtalk his wife
  • She will have a motherly edge and her attempts at helping you around the house will make for stories to tell your girl friends
  • She’ll be an expert at charming her way out of trouble and into every other thing
  • She will get daddy to do what you cannot get him to do
  • It’ll be a delight watching she and her giggly girl friends play princess parties with their dolls
  • You’ll get to cuddle up with her to watch girly movies
  • One day, you’ll watch her become a mum
  • There’s going to be a beautiful unexplainable bond she will share with dad. A bond that alienates you but still, a bond that makes you smile.