Hello Moms,

How many of us will admit to having overgrown babies stuck in our beds? You know, I’m talking about those of us who live in 2, 3, 4 bedroom apartments but use only one of the bedrooms because our little ones have refused to move out. Or maybe we are the ones who have simply refused to let go.

Okay, maybe you are at that stage where you have had it and are FINALLY ready to insist that your two, three, four or maybe even five-year old moves into his/her own room. However, you are at a loss of how to initiate the move and make it as ‘stress-free’ and ‘tears-free’ as possible.

Well, one tip I will leave you with this morning is this – Tease Your Child!!!

You know how it is with the movies? A new blockbuster is about to be released and we have all these movie hype/preview that are strategically intended to get our attention and get us excited. Now, the idea is not just to get us excited. It is also to make us willing, eager and desperate to put our money down just so that we are part of the privileged few who will get to view the movie first.

So, yes, just as the film makers get us excited about movies we are yet to view, we too must get our children excited about rooms they are yet to move into.

That’s right! Rather than giving your child an ultimatum about the transition, carry him along. Tease him. Excite him. Make him want to ‘move’. For example, start pointing out to him characters – from books, games, television – who have rooms of their own. Emphasize what big boys or girls they must be and how fun their rooms are.

Then, I will advise that you and your child go on a joint assignment of prepping the new room. It’s important you start making the room child-friendly. By ‘child-friendly’, I mean ‘infectiously inviting’. You may want to re-paint. Or get stickers. Or wall papers. While doing this, put your child in charge while you be the supporter. You know, let him/her choose what colours and characters will be used. You then guide his/her choices to fit your budget.

Beyond the walls, there are also furniture and design bits to explore. Again, get your child involved. Let the ‘buys’ be his ‘choice’

At this juncture, I will like to emphasize the ‘bed’ part of the furniture. Don’t just use any bed sheet or duvet. Get beddings which will thrill your child. Good enough, you don’t have to stress as par where or how to get these beddings. Once you get in touch with Busayo Ajayi Oyebanji(Call/Whatsapp/Text 08037226979), you can count on her to give you and your child quality, affordable variety to pick from.

While at it, after getting your little one(s) settled, you may also consider giving your own room that feeling of ‘new’ by changing your own beddings as well. Again, for quality variety, you can get in touch with Busayo Ajayi Oyebanji.

Now, all these different levels of involvement will give your child a sense of space ownership. Hence, as the D-Day approaches, your child is likely to gradually let his/her guard down. This is not to say that there will be absolutely no resistance when the all-important ‘hour’ finally comes. There very well may be. However, resistance or no resistance, in the long run, the overall transition process will definitely be less stressful than if you had just abruptly dumped your child in his/her new, pre-prepared space.