Today there is a fast growing movement against any form of disciplinary measure that endorses spanking or beating. In fact in some circles, spanking has become such a taboo that even those who practice it in their closet, would never admit to it in public.  So unlike past generations, what we have are truckloads of 21st century moms who proudly walk down the anti-spanking path.

Now, my views on the controversial ‘To spank or Not to spank’ topic will be aired in another post. But for today, my focus is on the all-important question which most moms have failed to answer; if not spanking, what else?

The reality is that children are naturally naive, reckless and insensitive. They need guidance and supervision. They need structure. They need discipline. They need control. If you just let them be, you risk having horrors on your hands and menaces to society. Hence to avoid breeding scary kids, the initial question asked cannot help but be re-asked again; when it comes to child discipline, if not spanking, what else? Really, if the rod is to be spared, what alternative measures are we then taking to save the child?

With many moms reluctant to answer the question, our society is rapidly getting clogged with unruly kids who consistently dish out just the right amount of trouble needed to bring their carers down with a headache.

Sadly, when this brewing catastrophe is brought to the attention of the mommies concerned, they often get defensive, giving baseless excuses for behaviour that is clearly unacceptable. At other times, these moms try to save face by stepping up to the disciplinary challenge. However their attempts often end in yelling matches that are nothing short of embarrassing for them.

Asides from yelling back, these kids sometimes draw their moms into reckless chases. Or at other times, they simply click their ignore buttons and stubbornly refuse to take heed to whatever is expected of them.

Fair enough, there are kids who eventually give in to obedience. However their obedience only comes after much energy-sapping yelling and running around. Hence the calm that accompanies it, hardly ever comes without first making an unsightly spectacle of mom. Hence, the random on-looker is left to wonder who the adult really is in the mommy-child relationship.

So, where am I going with all this? If you are one of those moms who belong to the ‘No-Spanking’ Movement, please, please and please, do yourself a favour, do your child a favour and do society a favour by coming up with alternative disciplinary measures that are actually effective in keeping your kid in check. However, if you already have these measures in place, please share with us so that other moms can learn from you. In my next post, I will be sharing my own EFCC formula that has worked over and over again for many moms out there….  

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