My little girl appears to have an eye for fashion. As in, even though she is barely 4-years old, many times she seems drawn to anything fashion. In fact, when she was younger, she would often want to ‘dress up’ at odd times. For example, there were times when she would want to wear her party clothes and shoes to sleep or to play indoors at home.

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There were times when I indulged her but later on, I had to begin putting my foot down because what appeared to be a joke then could one day turn her into an excessive fashion freak. So now, the little one understands that there is a place and time for every piece of clothing.
In addition, I had to teach her the difference between ‘decent’ and ‘indecent’ clothing when I noticed how often her face lit up whenever she saw ‘interesting pieces’ on adults…both in real life or on the television. Therefore, adults who wore clothes which I considered ‘inappropriate’ were labelled ‘naughty girls’ who would be sent to their ‘naughty corners’. So whenever my daughter comes across any of these ‘naughty girls’, she would dramatically exclaim, ‘mommy, look at naughty girl. I don’t want to be like her’.

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Believe me, I was happy with my daughter’s dramatic reactions because it showed that what I had been trying to teach her was not lost on her and she was thankfully, beginning to share my own values. However, I didn’t know how far my little one was taking these lessons of mine until this particular day when I put on a wrap dress which left both my thighs and legs on display. Now, my intention was not to go out that way. I actually had plans to ‘pin’ the dress when I got into the car, in order to stay modest. However at that point, because we were running late, I was trying to first put the house in order before attending to my dress. But that was how my daughter saw me running around in this new, sexy dress that put my legs on display. Immediately she saw me she paused, opened her eyes incredibly wide and pointing at me, screamed, ‘Mommy is a naughty girl.’

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Do you know that even though I tried explaining to her that I wasn’t going to let the world see my thighs, she kept trying to get me to change my dress. She even pointed out that the maid is not a naughty girl because she wasn’t wearing what mommy was wearing. Really, she was quite insistent that I should go and get another dress for myself. Then as if all her ‘corrective’ speech that morning wasn’t enough, what even amazed me was the fact that when the day was finally over and I was driving her back home from school, she looked solemnly at me and asked, ‘Mommy did you pin your dress?’
Now, I found her reaction both hilarious and instructive. You see, dear moms, we can’t teach our children one thing and then go ahead to do the opposite, thinking they won’t notice or that they will obey our words rather than follow our actions. Your child may not be as vocal as mine, but trust me, he/she is watching your every move and is likely to do as you do and not necessarily ‘as you say’. So please, don’t confuse the little ones….Don’t pass on the wrong message to them…And don’t teach them to be two faced by having actions which are inconsistent with their words.

So dear moms, are guilty of not doing what you say? Has your little one ever called you out for being naughty? Do share your story with us…

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