In my short twenty something years, I have struggled with this terrible habit of changing my mind about many different ‘things’, say like a thousand times daily.

With such an unsettling trait, my mom often wondered if I knew what I wanted. When not shaking their heads in exasperation, my siblings took to teasing me. I’m not too sure I know what exactly my dad was thinking. As for my husband…he is still trying to understand how I went from applying for medicine in my UME to getting a BSc in Electrical Engineering, an MSc in Management Information Systems and then going ahead to practice Advertising.

The truth is that at different times, I did fantasize and genuinely looked forward to be and to do all these very different things but the problem was that I was never really willing to fight and discipline myself to be just one single thing.

That is, until now!

Interestingly, my will and strength is coming at a most unexpected time. A time when on all sides, I am constantly bombarded with pressing family and career commitments and demands. However, pulling just as strongly at me is an ‘un-lost’ passion which has refused to let go despite my many years of neglect.

So, just like the 40-year-old man who finally decides to settle down with one woman, I too have chosen to retire the rest of my life into fanning this undying passion of mine which comes very easy to me… writing.

The inspiration behind my writings is the 2.7kg bundle I birthed with the help of my darling husband, who held my hands and rubbed my back as I screamed and pushed my way into the motherhood hall of fame.

Now let me tell you a bit about my adorable bundle…

You see after all the work I did in getting her out, I would have expected to be rewarded with a huggable ‘mini me’. But no! It was daddy who was given the big pat on the back as we were brought face to face with a baby girl who looked (and still looks) nothing like me and plenty like him…And so, that marked the first of the many other forewarned betrayals that were to follow. Yes, those two have actually developed their own way of ganging up on mummy, making her look like the mean, unreasonable one. Honestly I’m still trying to come to terms with what strong alliance a blabbing baby can actually form with her dad.

Fathers and their daughters, right? Long story that will be kept for another day!

Today my blabbing baby is a talking 18 months toddler with a few words to her name. She has grown into quite a catch with thick beautiful hair which her father insists she got from him. She has this big appetite that guarantees me longer hours in the kitchen and a beautiful trademark smile that has her father eating right out of her hands.

In very quick successions she knows just how to make me go from wanting to throw her out, right through the window, to pulling her in for a very close cuddle, to getting on my knees and acting silly before finally rolling on the floor in wild laughter.

She is the one person that constantly makes me want to put my pen to paper and I’m so excited to be using this artistic platform as a tool in sharing with you all the surprises and tensions common to us, mommies…a fantabulous rare species of super women.