Those who know mommy will know that she has always been very reserved. She could not necessarily be described as quiet. Instead, the word ‘put-together’ will be a much better description. As par, you wouldn’t see her owning the dance floor or singing out loud during a party. What she may at best do is tap her feet and bounce her head. Yes, she is so put-together that despite how hard she tried to let go on her wedding day, her husband still won her by a mile during the ‘Dance Dance Dance’ line up.

But then, fast forward to 1 child later…Mommy is at a wedding and her baby was being very cranky. Maybe the loud music blasting from the speakers was what was putting him on the edge. Mommy wasn’t sure. But all her attempts at pacifying him – from walking in and out of the reception hall in her 4-inch shoe to rocking him to and fro – were all proving to useless. In fact he appeared to be getting more agitated as the minutes went by, leaving mom with no other choice but to pull out one final trick from her bag – The Dance and Funny faces mix.

You see, baby loved it when mommy danced and made these hilarious, funny faces at the same time. But mommy often saved these treats for when they were alone because she was too put-together to be seen acting silly in public. However today, desperate and frustrated, mommy put on her dancing shoes and quickly went into character. She didn’t allow herself think of the fact that even though her baby was a big fan, she was actually a very terrible dancer who would probably attract the wrong kind of attention. Instead, blocking her mind from all ‘negative’ thoughts she kept going and going and going, pulling out the best giggles from her baby.

His giggles were so priceless that for a change, mommy really didn’t care that the young, unmarried couple across her table appeared to be smiling (or was it laughing?) at her. All that mattered was that her son was finally having a blast and what people thought about his ‘entertainer’ was suddenly totally irrelevant.

In what way has your baby changed you? What silly or ‘improper’ thing has your baby made you do in public? Do share with us?, gettyimages,,,