To be honest, now that my daughter is getting ‘older’ and ‘wiser’, I kind of wish I made proper plans to purchase one of those very tall, green Christmas trees that would make her go ‘WOW!’ with excitement.

Definitely, though we would have had mad fun decorating it together, considering the fact that she is still a very determined toddler, I’m sure there would have been many moments when I would have had to threaten to take her off the ‘tree decoration’ project.     

Anyway, with Christmas being a little over a week away and with no available budget to assign to a tree, I have decided to just save all plans till next year.

Nevertheless, all hope is not necessarily lost for the year because I just discovered that there affordable trees called ‘PRINTABLE TREES’, courtesy CARAVAN DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. On the Caravan site, for as little as $5, you can download these 3 foot by 8 foot Christmas trees which come with printable ornaments as well. Since you’re unlikely to have a 3 foot by 8 foot sheet of paper, you can actually split your prints into parts and then neatly align them on the desired spot on your wall when all sheets are out.

For a peep of what one of the tress look like when all set up…

For more details on these printable trees, visit It’s an online purchase, so delivery is made directly to your email in form of a download link.

Personally I think this printable tree is one brilliant and budget friendly concept worth exploring with your children, considering the many decoration possibilities it comes with. What do you think? Is this a tree you would try out? Or do you perhaps already have an actual Christmas tree already set up in your living room? How fun was decorating with the children? Do share with us!!!

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