With her clear brown eyes hidden behind firmly shut eyelids, ‘T’ sat absolutely still. She didn’t move an inch as mommy repeatedly nudged her.

Neither did she stir as mommy called out her name for the umpteenth time. At this point, everyone concluded that somewhere along the way, ‘T’ had obviously fallen asleep. Everyone but mommy, that is!

Stubbornly standing her ground, mommy clung unto a different theory. She was absolutely certain that ‘T’ was nowhere near dream land. She was convinced that behind the closed, unblinking eyelids were these other pair of alert eyes, which were carefully bidding their moment of re-awakening.

Call mommy crazy but here was the fact…

‘T’ had in the past few weeks added something ‘new’ to her bag of tricks. Whenever mommy tried getting her to do anything she didn’t want to do, she would immediately pretend to fall asleep and waking her up from her ‘pretend’ sleep was always almost a battle. So today as ‘T’ kept her eyes glued together, mommy couldn’t help but believe that she was merely faking sleep.

Actually, let’s go back to the beginning to get the full gist of the story… Mommy and ‘T’ were on a group car ride to the mall and since breakfast had been skipped at home, mommy was trying to get a very distracted ‘T’ to put ‘something’ healthy in her tummy. However after a few spoons, disinterested ‘T’ decided to switch to her ‘sleep mode’ since mommy obviously had no plans of letting her off the hook anytime soon.

In face of the obvious ploy, mommy remained undeterred. Keeping the spoon close to ‘T’s’ mouth, she tried all she could think of to get the mischievous eyes to ‘open’ and the little mouth to ‘part’. However, despite her own set of tricks and then threats, both eyes and mouth remained firmly shut.

At this point, mommy was getting mad. She was upset. Why, of all times, was ‘T’ choosing to act up now? Why did she have to empty her bag of tricks, right in the presence of ‘outsiders’. ‘Outsiders’ whom mommy was constantly ‘preaching’ toddler discipline to!

Never mind, one thing was certain. No matter what it took, she won’t be outsmarted by her little tot, under the watchful eyes of the ‘outsiders’. So spoon in hand, she waited. And waited. And waited. Everyone couldn’t help but think that she was the crazy mama and teasing, they encouraged her to give up the fight.

Initially, mommy stood her ground. But after some 10 minutes, blushing with embarrassment, she accepted defeat and made to put the spoon away as she thought of a 1001 punishments for her ‘sleeping’ lass. But interestingly, as soon as the spoon was safely tucked away into ‘T’s’ lunch bag, out popped the little, mischievous brown eyes, neatly masked under the guise of giggly, wide eyed innocence.

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