For our kids, the academic session is already over or at least almost over and my focus in this post is on their teachers who spent the entire term filling the gaps which we couldn’t fill as parents due to our pressing responsibilities at our various places of work.

I as person, really appreciate all the effort that the teachers and nannies in my kid’s school put into both teaching and caring for her. They may not have always been perfect but definitely, I saw that they were guided by genuine love and interest in my daughter. Some may argue that oh well, they are only doing their jobs! But have you seen those that do theirs in a crappy, undetached way? True, such teachers may make geniuses out of your kids by teaching them all the ‘1-10s’ and ‘A-Zs’ but unfortunately, beyond that, there is never any real bond or interest in your kid.

For me, though the ‘teaching’ role of the teachers is very important, when I see those that add ‘loving’ and ‘caring’ to their list of responsibilities I can’t help but appreciate them because truth be told, these kids of ours are handfuls and it must take people with very good hearts to refrain from secretly tying their hands up and gagging their mouths shut when we are not looking.

So that being said, as we celebrate our kids’ yearlong academic achievements, have your considered appreciating the very people that made it happen? I normally won’t appreciate a teacher at the beginning (or middle) of a term with anything beyond kind, appreciative words and genuine smiles. But when the session comes to a close I become comfortable being more expressive because my kid is done with that class and that teacher. Hence, my gesture will in no way be misinterpreted as a bribe for special attention or something else. 

Now, cash does not necessarily have to be the appreciative tool because depending on the teacher and school, it really could sometimes be interpreted as an insult to the dignity of the persons and profession in question. So instead, you could play it safe by opting for a practical gift that the teacher will actually find useful. For example, you can’t go wrong with…

  • A nice piece of material e.g. Ankara
  • A Shopping Voucher to be spent at a store that sells consumable items eg. Shoprite shopping voucher
  • E-gift voucher e.g a Konga or Jumia gift voucher
  • A Day Spa gift certificate
  • A Restaurant gift card that admits two
  • Lunch. A day after school closes, teachers and nannies are probably still expected to come in and do the final academic and non-academic tidying up and all. So you could surprise them by having lunch specially delivered to them.
  • A thank you note specially hand written by your kid. For a really outstanding teacher, a copy of that note could be sent to the Head Teacher as well and who knows what kind of reward will pop out for that teacher from the school. If your kid happens to be in a school that frowns at gifts, then you may just have to stick to only this ‘thank-you’ note suggestion.

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Are you for or against this gift idea for teachers? Do you have other gift suggestions? Please share with us?

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