Hello moms,

Welcome into the brand new year of 2016. We pray that your year will be filled with only the beauty and goodness of God.

Many of us must have had our children on our hands…full time…in the past few weeks. Or maybe you opted for the holiday school option. Or perhaps you were fortunate to have your ‘mother’ or ‘nanny’ available to fill in the unavoidable gaps for you.

Whatever option you went with, I’m sure you still got the chance to spend more time than usual with your children and this can only mean that you were graced with more than your usual dose of drama per day.

Wondering what I mean by drama? Well, let me share my own little story…

So my not-so-little pumpkin is now a big-girl-toddler who can practically visit the toilet all by herself, with little or no help.

The one thing I however refuse her doing herself is cleaning her bum because she is definitely too young to do a good job down there.

However she interestingly doesn’t like people staring at her while she busies herself with the no. 1 or no. 2 job in the toilet. This therefore means that I often have to just hang somewhere around the toilet until she calls out for help when she is done.

Good enough this routine has always worked perfectly for us until this particular day when I was hanging around as usual and then my ‘madam’ called out to me. Thinking that all was business as usual, I responded only to discover that the door had gone from ‘ajar’ to ‘close’. Immediately I panicked and as I turned the handle, my fears were confirmed…she had closed the door and turned the key, locking herself in. You should have seen me…I was in an immediate state of more panic, especially because we were home alone.

Nevertheless remembering a few shows I had watched on TV where babies and pets have done amazing things like dialing 911,  I chose to believe that my little genius would work her way out of this ‘problem’ too. So calming both myself and herself down, I worked her through her options slowly. First, I asked her to turn the key but she screamed back, ‘mommy, I can’t turn the key’. Next, squeezing my hand under the door, I tried to get her to pull out the key and pass it to me under the door. But she came back with, ‘mommy, I can’t pull it.’

At that point I realized that there was no way we were making it to one of those Oprah kind of shows, so I decided to call the gate man and see if he could break down the door someway, somehow.

Unfortunately, he was clueless. So to pacify my already terrified daughter, we went outside, brought loose the mosquito net so that my daughter could at least get somewhat pacified by seeing me through the window which led directly outside. Then, in a moment of incredulous desperation, I asked if she could be pulled out through the burglary proof. I know that that must have been the silliest question ever but I was desperate for something quick to work…anything actually.

Next, I did what I probably should have done at the beginning…I called for a carpenter who went to work, trying to pacify my daughter with calming words while he broke down the lock. As he busied himself my daughter turned to me through the window and said, ‘he is breaking the door’. Then she adds in a reprimanding tone, ‘mommy he’s making noise’. At that point I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. The gravity of her actions had definitely not dawned on her.

Anyway to cut the long story short, after a few, long minutes she was finally out and goodness, was I relieved!!! Then, after thanking and paying off the carpenter, I went round the house with the intention of removing all keys from the lock. Wow! What a day that was but I was eventually able to laugh it off as my daughter went around narrating the story of how (in her own words) ‘she locked herself out’. Really, her funny and very expressive narration of the story did leave me in stitches of laughter!!!

So, that’s my own tale from the holiday? Have you ever been in similar shoes? What did you do? Or do you have your own story from holiday to share? Please, do share…

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