When I was a younger, I always looked forward to the Christmas holidays for a whole number of different reasons. There were the new dresses; one for Christmas and a second for New Year (yep, my mum was that cool); the fun studded family road trips, the ‘big’ reunions, the ‘killing’ of the chickens and the turkeys, the stuffing from grandma’s kitchen, etc.

However this last holiday, I was older, married and mothering a toddler. So for me, it was all about ensuring that the ‘lil miss’ caught into the fun of the season.

Now to be honest, considering the fact that the ‘miss’ is still little and obviously doesn’t yet have a clue about the whole ‘Christmas’ and ‘Holiday’ concept, at first I wasn’t sure how much fun of the season she would actually be able to tap into. But these doubts of mine were soon cleared when at the sight of beautifully lit trees,  she quickly jumped in excitement.

As for the many stars hanging from the different ceilings, she almost never failed to repeatedly call out to them with a super, mega elation and hyper-activeness that was very much attention grabbing. Actually, with every star that ‘appeared’, a drama almost always erupted.

However these dramas were usually easy to forgive because for first time parents, it just seemed genius for a ‘tot’ her age to identify one of the less common shapes, without prompting of any sort. Definitely, this was proof that we were getting some money’s worth from her playgroup class.

Beyond the stars, I got to realize that she belonged to the group of kids who were no friend to Santa.

 In addition, just like the year before, the loud sounds from the amusement park rides still made her shrink in fear.

No matter how much I tried to be the fantastic, super parent, her favourite new word became ‘daddy’ and her favourite person remained ‘daddy’.

She definitely became way, way more chatty and to keep her happy, we had to take the pains of pretending that her jumbled words made perfect sense to our adult minds.

All in all, it was a great time filled with priceless moments that left me laughing out loud, over and over again. So, in subsequent posts, I will be sharing some of these moments with you and would love you to also share yours as well by sending an email to  info@mommymoments.com. Your stories will be published as a post, here on Mommy Moments.

So, did your little one ingeniously crack you up over the holidays? Do share with us!

PS. By the way, even though my daughter had been pretty good all year long, I was a bad mommy and got her no Christmas present at all. Actually in all my preparations, I’m not sure the thought of presents even crossed my mind.  Anyway, before anyone butchers me, know that I have long since consoled myself by over-riding my unforgivable act with the fact that since she is still too young to understand what a Christmas present is, why bother?

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