I don’t know if it’s just my imagination but have you noticed that pregnant ladies tend to settle their hands on their tummies quite often? Sometimes, even when the bump is barely visible, their hands still manage to find their way there. When lying down, their hands are there. When walking, out pop the hands again. Even when working or sipping a cup of tea, the ‘free’ hand still somehow finds its way to its beloved bump.

Mind you, this habit doesn’t bother me one bit. On the contrary, it has simply just dropped the ‘WHY’ question in me. Why do we do this when pregnant? Is it a deliberate, proud mama show-off moment? Is it some random, mindless, reflex action? Or is it just the pure maternal instinct that is birthed in us the moment our children our conceived?

I would like to believe in the last option. However, that’s just my ‘one’, humble opinion and sorry, but I have no psychologist’s view on the matter. But what I have got is other ‘mommies-to-be’ and ‘mommies’ views on the matter…

‘It just feels nice’

‘That’s the closest to hugging my baby that I can get’

‘Maternal instinct’

‘My tummy feels heavy’

‘To feel her move’

‘Convenient spot’

‘Protective gesture’

‘Bonding moves’

‘I have no idea why’

‘Do we do that?’

So, what’s your own take on the matter? Why did (do) your hands keep finding their way to your bump? Or is this ‘tummy holding’ habit something that you never really cultivated? Please share with us! We’ll love to hear from you…

Image courtesy: www.istockphoto.comhealthhub.brighamandwomens.org