In the past, Tee was totally obsessed with the ‘Stars’. She just couldn’t get enough of them. Whether twinkling up in the sky, dangling from a Christmas tree, hanging from a ceiling, sitting in a food bowl, drawn out on a piece of paper or sewn unto a dress, she always wanted a piece of it.

So screaming ‘star, star, star’, she will point, point, point and insist that any near-by adult breaks every barrier that happened to be standing between her and her beloved, precious star.

That was then! Today is now. And now, things were different. You see, ever since she turned the ‘big two’, Tee’s obsession has gone from the ‘Stars’ to the ‘Happy Birthday’ song.

As in,

  1. Tee would wake up to a bright, beautiful morning and the first song on her lips will be ‘Happy Birthday to You’.
  2. She would hang unto mommy’s neck until the Youtube channel is switched to one where the ‘traditional’ Happy Birthday song is played over and over again, in exactly the same way. Notice the word ‘traditional’? Yes, it has to be sung using the original tune because the new, funky versions just don’t do it for her.
  3. She would float around the house singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and guess what? Any day could be anybody’s lucky day, irrespective of the time of the year. For example, yesterday was ‘Happy Birthday daddy’, the day before was ‘Happy Birthday mommy’, today could be ‘Happy Birthday Tomi’ and tomorrow, she just may return the honors back to daddy or maybe transfer it to grandma or herself. With her, there is just no telling when next your birthday will crop up for the umpteenth time in one, single month.

Now, to be honest, ‘mommy’ was to blame for all this ‘Happy Birthday’ craze and here’s why…

You see, Tee woke up to her second birthday in grandma’s house because daddy and mommy were unfortunately away on some impromptu, unavoidable trip. So it was up to grandma to make a success of the day and as was expected, grandma went all out in doing this. Even though there was no party crowd, there was a cake. Also, there were cards with the number 2 badge, balloons, lots of food and drinks and ofcourse, the birthday song….

…And good enough, this year as compared to last year, Tee understood the whole birthday set-up better.

Mind you, by better I don’t mean she totally got the entire concept. However what she keyed into was the fact that the day was all about her and all eyes were going to be adoringly glued on her. In addition, this day appeared to be the perfect opportunity to get away with more mischief than usual. Also sinking in was the fact that with birthdays come a cake and a birthday song and oh my, this was one discovery that managed to spark a new excitement in Tee. An excitement which grandma was all too eager to gist mom about.

Now, all the gist succeeded in making mom feel guilty about missing out on all the fun. So later on in the day, when she returned from her trip, she proceeded to make it up to Tee by repeatedly singing happy birthday to her. Now when I say repeatedly, I mean REPEATEDLY. As in, the morning after, Tee woke up to a happy birthday song from mommy even though her birthday was hours gone. During the drive to and from school, mommy popped out the song again.

Then during playtime at home, out sprung the song, yet again. Mommy just kept going on and on and Tee’s delighted responses kept her committed to the ’cause’.

But after the 3rd day, mommy tired out and decided to put a lid on the song till Tee’s next, real birthday. However fortunately or unfortunately, Tee had already caught the ‘Happy Birthday’ bug and was by then, running around, singing happy birthday to anyone who cared to listen.

In addition, Tee did not stop at making a big deal out of the birthday song, she also latched unto the birthday cake as well.

As par, she decided to christen any and every type of cake ‘Happy Birthday’. So, in her vocabulary, cake was not referred to as cake. It was now called ‘Happy Birthday’ and so, whenever she saw a cake, she would scream ‘happy birthday to you’ or if all she wanted was a piece of cake, she would say, ‘I want happy birthday’. As in, no-one could get her to call a cake, a ‘cake’ and actually, the harder everyone tried, the more resolved she became at maintaining her stand. And so, everyone let her be.

Now, if you’re thinking that months later, Tee would have gotten over this ‘Happy Birthday’ obsession, you’ll be absolutely wrong. According to mom, her bond with ‘it’ seems to have grown so much stronger and though tired of hearing the popular song over and over again, mommy says she has resigned herself to ‘it’, pending when a new craze would be nice enough to come and take over because right now, ANY craze at all will be much better than this unrelenting one. 

So tell me, what funny, crazy obsession has your kid fallen into? How and when did they outgrow it? Do share!!!


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