Suddenly, she started running. Perplexed and surprised, I took off after her, calling out her name. Acknowledging my call, she turned to give me a brief, determined glance before purposefully resuming her race. She had an unidentifiable object in hand and her target suddenly became clear as she approached the kitchen bin. So apprehensively, I doubled my speed but unfortunately, I reached her a second too late.

Screaming her name in annoyance, I dipped my freshly manicured hands into the messy bin and was relieved to discover that what she had thrown away was only an empty biscuit pack. Beyond relieved, I was proud. My little toddler was now smart enough to know that garbage belonged in the bin!

That happened yesterday. Today was a new day and this time, I wasn’t chasing my toddler. I was looking for the pair of shoes I had just bought her.

I had searched for it in every logical place I could think of but still, I found nothing.

Suspecting my toddler knew something about the shoes, I called her in for questioning. Her reply came in a string of defensive babbles which unfortunately, I was unable to interpret.

Then, I remembered ‘yesterday’. So with deliberate steps, I headed for the kitchen and went straight to the bin. Hurriedly, I dug in. In disbelief, I pulled ‘it’ out, right from the very bottom of the messy heap. Arrgh!!!

How on earth could 24 hours be sufficient time to transform a brand new, very expensive, enviable shoe into just another shoe, with a well deserved spot in the old shoe box. To make matters worse, the bin had housed only one leg of the shoe, making the location of the second leg my mystery to solve. Double Arrgh!!!

At that moment I understood the obvious. I had been so wrong yesterday! In my daughter’s world, garbage wasn’t the only thing that belonged in the bin. Everything belonged in the bin!

Does this story ring a bell? Is your adorable toddler obsessed with keeping stuffs in the most absurd, unexpected places? How do/did you handle it? Do share your story with us…

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