Call me old school, but I can’t help feeling concerned whenever I attend the so called kids’ parties of today.

Yeah, the beats that fill the room are all trendy, hip, fun and perfect for a game of musical chairs and dance offs. BUT, the lyrics which accompany these beats are far from healthy for the ears of these little ones.

Really, why do parents supposedly gather to celebrate their kids and then selfishly go ahead to play music which has been specially created for adult entertainment? Do they think that these lyrics have no impact because the kids are 1 or maybe 2 or 5 years old? Do they plan on instructing their kids that they can dance to such music at parties but then turn their backs on them as soon as the party is over? Do they think that setting up the TV parental control will actually stop these kids from soon exploring the accompanying music videos which are likely to be filled with bits and pieces of sultry dance moves and sexually tainted scenes? Do they think that these kids will not somehow get influenced by such powerful environmental factors which they are repeatedly exposed to over and over again?

Now, considering the fact that these songs are everywhere, (even in public places such as the supposedly kids’ friendly eateries), the problem is not necessarily the fact that the kids are aware that these songs and videos exist. No, the problem is the fact that the songs are endorsed by their parents. Every time parents turn up the music of adult themed songs, all in the name of entertaining guests or maybe during a drive home, they are indirectly giving their kids the go-ahead to explore new musical grounds which are way too dangerous for their young minds.

Know that at these young, impressionable ages where kids are like sponges with no filters, they may not always listen to what you teach them about ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ but they will definitely copy what you do. And guess what? Their copying begins at these very young tender ages where words don’t carry as much weight as actions do.

I once visited a school where a 3-year old was heartily singing one of these songs in question, until her teacher abruptly stopped her midway. Where in the world do you think she learnt to sing ‘that’ song so well?

Then, just the other day, my attention was drawn to a certain 2-year old who stood in front of the TV screen, watching one of ‘these’ music videos. From her eyes, we could tell she was totally captivated and before we knew it she began twisting and turning her body in an attempt to emulate the music ‘star’.

Really, as parents, we ought to be worried and please don’t tell me that setting up parental controls and teaching the child is going to be enough because come on, how seriously would our kids take us if through our actions, we keep endorsing what we claim to be ‘wrong’. For the kid what matters is not the fact that daddy and mommy said that children shouldn’t sing that song. No, what is important is that that song sounds very cool and since daddy and mommy are always playing it, then there is absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t do the same (and maybe experiment a little) when hanging out alone or with some ‘cool’ friends. 

Dear Parents, call me old school but please, don’t underestimate the power and influence of music over the lives of these naive kids. Even though you can’t stop the neighbors from blasting the sexy and/or violent themed music, show your kids what you approve of by turning up the beats of the happy, age appropriate songs. 

So, that’s my own take on the matter. What’s yours? Do share!

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