Here in Nigeria – the country where I’m from – usually before baby arrives most moms-to-be braid their hair. This is because when our babies arrive, we don’t want to add hair complexities to our already long to-do list. You see, braids can keep a bit longer than weaves and overall they are easier to manage and maintain than either a weave or our natural hair. So joining the bandwagon, I also braided my hair before my first baby arrived.

Now after baby arrived and my braids had stayed on for some weeks it was time for me to have a hair change. Then that was when I began to worry. I worried that my baby may not recognize me in a weave.
I am perfectly aware that right now I must sound really silly but to be honest that was a fear I nursed at that time. I just wondered that since all she was used to were my single braids consistently pulled back into a pony tail or a bun, would she then be confused when I arrive with a mass of wavy hair framing my oblong face.

Would she be able to pick out my face? Was she smart enough to do that? Or would she wonder why my voice didn’t quite match my look? Would my poor baby spend days wondering where her mama had disappeared to?
Again, I am aware that after my many years of education I really must sound silly but those honestly were my first-time mommy fears that my head described as irrational but my heart insisted were valid. Well as you can guess, my baby was far from confused when I popped my head into the room for the first time after the weave. As in, when I came close her eyes widened in recognition, making me feel very silly. Obviously, I had been so wrong.

Or sometimes I like to make myself happy by saying that maybe I just had a smart one on my hands. LOL.

As a mom, what are those irrational but real emotions and feelings that have run through you. You know, those types people may describe as silly even though they are very real to you.

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So joining the bandwagon, I also braided my hair before my first baby arrived.