To the world he was a 2 year old toddler but to her he was her 2 year old baby. So carrying him, she began to make her way round the park.

At first, he seemed comfortable in her arms. But soon after, he frantically struggled to be free of her grip. More inviting than her arms were the other toddlers playing in the sand. Pointing repeatedly at his would-be friends, he wriggled and wriggled until she gave in and set him on his feet. Immediately, he took off and her heart couldn’t help but warm at the shy interaction that soon after followed.

The signs were clear. Obviously he was ready to move to pre-school, a all new world of learning. Are you wondering if your little one is ready or not? These signs will tell…

  • He can spend regular time away from you
  • He has a regular routine which includes afternoon naps
  • He is potty trained or is ready for potty training
  • He can stay focused on a single activity
  • He can manage his moods when reaching for his wants
  • He enjoys hanging out with other kids and understands the ‘sharing’ and ‘turn taking’ concept
  • He can follow instructions
  • He is fairly independent enough to do the basics such as eating a snack on his own

*Note that academics is not the only benefit derived from pre-school. Primarily kids learn the art of socialization and discover that learning and sharing is actually loads of fun.