As soon as she walked into the room, she knew he had done the big job. The evidence was in the strong smell.

‘Eeewh!’, she let out before quickly chiding herself. Obviously the smell was a product of that new, ‘not so successful’ recipe she had tried out on him yesterday.

So, humming what she believed was his favorite rhyme, she walked over to his cot and deftly transferred him to the changing table. Apparently sensing the upcoming relief from his soiled diaper, he flashed her two pearly whites. She rewarded his smile with a tickle which brought out the chuckles.

Then, rolling up her sleeves, she braced herself for what she believed would be a very messy change. She was right! His wriggly movement in the cot had sent the poop migrating in all possible directions.

As she got to work, she tried neutralizing the unpleasant smell with the happy poop song; ‘Who did the big job?’ He watched her in fascination and thankfully forgot to protest the discomfort that comes with a diaper change.

Just as she gave his bum a final wipe, the phone rang. Certain that it was an urgent, long awaited business call, she hurriedly wrapped on a new diaper and moved him to the centre of the big bed. Then quickly, she surrounded him with pillows before dashing into the hallway where she had left her phone.

Without checking the caller ID, she accepted the call and putting the phone to her ear, let out a breathless, ‘hello’. Disappointingly, it was no business call. It was her best friend! However, as the gist started pouring in, it didn’t take seconds for the disappointment to be forgotten.

Caught up in the conversation, she strolled back towards the bedroom and peeped in. He looked content inspecting the pillows. Satisfied, she retreated back into the hallway, laughing and talking as conversation demanded.

Then suddenly, she heard a loud bang which was followed with a shrilling wail. Her heart must have skipped a beat as she dropped the phone and dashed into the bedroom.

Just as she thought, he was lying face down on the floor. Quickly composing her frazzled self she rushed to his side and picked him up, inspecting every inch of his body as she mumbled a very apologetic ‘sorry’.

She felt like the worst mother ever! How did this happen? Or maybe a better question would be how could she have allowed this to happen? He wasn’t crawling yet and his wriggles could hardly be considered as any serious movement. Besides hadn’t she been careful to ensure safety by using the pillows. In the absence of logical answers, she held him to her chest, soothing him with a light back rub.

Apart from his cry, he seemed alright. However she couldn’t help but wonder if something really horrible was happening on the inside. Maybe there was some internal bleeding going on or maybe the fall was so bad that he was presently suffering from a brain damage that will incapacitate him for the rest of his life.

These crazy thoughts drove her to call the pediatrician. After listening to her carefully, he assured her that since the bed was not up to 6ft high and the bedroom floor was padded with a carpet, he must be alright. He was quick to discourage her from bringing him in except any real changes were noted.

However, still paranoid from the incidence, she went online to find out what other moms and doctors were saying and was comforted to realize she wasn’t alone. Worse had happened and the babies had all survived. At least, so they reported.

She then went on to call a few friends with older kids and their survival tales dispelled her worries further. If their babies had survived, hers would too. She sighed in relieve. Definitely, he will live! However, she knew it would be a long, long time before she finally forgave herself for this ‘bruiseless‘ fall.

Have you had a similar experience with your little one?

(Picture courtesy: mnprairieroots)