1. Drive around town and look at Christmas lights
  2.  Pick out and put up the Christmas Tree
  3. Decorate the Christmas Tree
  4.  Sing Christmas Songs
  5.  Visit Santa and get a picture taken with him
  6. Watch the ‘Home Alone’ and other holiday movies
  7. Look at old Christmas family albums
  8. Hold a family game night
  9.  Donate old and new toys to an orphanage
  10.  Help friends and family to wrap their Christmas gifts
  11.  Act out the Christmas story
  12.   Check out holiday story books
  13. Go to a carol service
  14. Send out cards and gifts to your kids’ teachers
  15. Pick out gifts for family
  16. Have a Random Acts of Kindness Day(s)
  17. Look through favourite Christmas Cards from friends and family from years past
  18. Give decent, unwanted clothes to homeless shelter
  19. Make your own Christmas cards and ensure you send them all out
  20. Cook Christmas dinner together
  21. Bake some Christmas themed cookies with your kids
  22. Attend your kid’s nativity play
  23. Do your Christmas shopping in advance
  24. Discuss your favourite memories from the year
  25. Listen to Christmas carols at home and on the go
  26. Make a list of the things you are grateful for
  27. Make a list of those in need and pray for them
  28. Plan an evening to do nothing, and make sure you do nothing
  29. Have a family photo shoot
  30. Invite family and friends over
  31. Take a technology fast for one weekend and spend time with family

(Source: fiked.com, trainupamom.wordpress, domesticsimplicity. Picture courtesy: fanpop)