Mommy asked the doctor to repeat himself.
It wasn’t a case of her not hearing what he had said. On the contrary, she had heard him loud and clear but was struggling to terms with his words.

How on earth could her 22-months old baby have measles? He had taken the MMR vaccination as at when due and she had always assumed that vaccinations offered children 100% immunity. So, how come her son was being diagnosed with measles?

At this confusing juncture, the doctor had to take his time to explain to mommy that vaccinations are not 100% absolute. In other words, the fact that her child took the measles vaccine was not enough guarantee that he was going to be 100% immune to the measles virus.

Actually, according to WHO, NO vaccine is 100% effective. Most routine childhood vaccines are effective for only 85% – 95% of its recipients.

However, the good news is that even though not 100% effective, vaccinations drastically reduce your child’s chance of getting ‘infected’ and even if infection does occur, severity of symptoms will be milder.

So, yes, mommy was forced to deal with a case of measles in her son. But, baby did not have to deal with extreme, uncomfortable symptoms neither did mommy have to worry about her son dying of measles.

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