They looked at him and all they could see was ‘the wild’, ‘the tough’ and ‘the rough’. She looked at him and what she saw was a pair of tireless little feet, tactfully wired to a very inquisitive mind via an energetic but incredibly cuddly frame.

Catching and holding gaze with him, her heart couldn’t help but warm for the umpteenth time as, through lens of experience, she saw what only a blue mommy could see.

Naturally, as a blue mommy, she belongs to the blue club. With the magic word in this club being ‘boy’, she and all her contemporaries are obviously moms to boys and these are what they say is peculiarly great about raising a boy…

  • For a long time, they will want to marry you
  • They will love you in a special way and won’t go a day without hugging you and telling you they love you
  • There will be no hair struggle involving washing, plaiting, ribbons etc
  • They won’t care what they wear
  • They will share interests with dad, so there’s hope for your personal alone time
  • You’ll build your knowledge base as you get to learn the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of techy stuffs like cars, trains, etc
  • You will get them to do just about anything by turning chores into races
  • Pooh would have fewer crevices to hide in
  • There’ll be no pink and glittery stuffs (for haters of pink)
  • There’s more hope of staying in shape as they have a way of turning everything, even hugs, into tackles
  • Their emotions and needs will be less complicated
  • Getting them out of the house will be easier
  • It will be less complicated assisting them in the use of public rest rooms
  • You’ll get to learn about the opposite sex from scratch
  • ‘Water-works’ during diaper change will improve your ducking skills
  • Watching the father-son bond develop will be extra special for you

Do you agree?

To be continued…