Hello Moms,

Let’s get real – It’s hard enough being a mom, not to talk about juggling motherhood with career.

That’s right, don’t let’s sugar coat the truth. JUGGLING FAMILY WITH CAREER IS NOTHING SHORT OF HARD WORK. It is for this reason that some women end up choosing one over the other. You know, their home front suffers because they are building a career. Or, they put aside career to focus on family.

Mind you, theirs is not necessarily always a conscious choice. However, it is a choice nonetheless. A choice which sets the pace for the rest of their lives.
I don’t know what your own stance on the issue is but I strongly believe that a woman does not always have to choose. Yes, it is indeed possible for a woman to successfully balance these two extreme ends of the spectrum and actually enjoy the best of both worlds.
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Image courtesy: dailyworth.com