Dear mommy,

I’m sure you would have noticed that right from the beginning, grandpa has always kept a safe distance. All he ever did was wave at me…

…or at best, awkwardly pat my back. So you can imagine my surprise when yesterday, he picked me up. Then gently nestling me against his chest and patting my bum, he kept whispering softly, ‘Stop crying, mommy is coming’.

You see, in the true sense of the word I wasn’t actually crying. I was only trying to let him know that some more of that smelly, pasty stuff had again popped out from ‘down there’. However one look at grandpa’s confused face and I knew that any attempt at further communication will be a waste, so I cried louder…

…hoping you will hear and come to my rescue. However the more I cried, the more grandpa patted my bum, making the pasty stuff spread at an alarming rate.

Now uncomfortable, I decided to change my strategy by going mute. Maybe my silence will ring louder than my cries. Maybe grandpa would stop chanting and quit patting. Maybe, just maybe…

Surprisingly grandpa did stop the fuss and it was in that lucky moment that from the height of his shoulder, I came face-to-face with a picture of you and dad.

The picture wasn’t new to me but from this newly discovered height, I got to appreciate its details and goodness, you really did look lovely in your white dress!

Your face appeared amazingly soft while your lips were broken into a curve that melted my heart. As for your eyes, they twinkled just like they did on that first day we met and I wasn’t surprised that daddy seemed completely lost in them.

Then suddenly I realized that ever since you had me, you had gradually changed and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was to blame for the ‘change’. True, you are still the best mommy ever; ever smiling and always on time. But lately, have you looked into that big piece of glass that hangs tall in your room; the one that pops out a ‘second you’ whenever you stand in front of it?

Looking into it, have you noticed that your eyes don’t sparkle like before? They now have these tired bags underneath them…

…and even when you try to hide them behind a smile, I still see their strain. At such times I wish I was bigger so that for a change, I be the mommy and you, the baby.

Honestly, moments like that make me dream of the day when I would be stronger and able to gently hold you close, rocking you softly until your tired eyes finally flutter shut in sleep.

But the truth is that I am very little and fragile and with the rate at which I am growing, it will probably take a very long time before I can do any of those things. So until then, I think there are a few things you should know…

First, sorry to be the one bursting your bubble but I need you to know that you are no superwoman…

…And guess what? It’s okay not being one!

Don’t get me wrong, there is a whole lot of ‘super’ in you. If not, how else have you been able to always be there for me, even at those very odd hours? Besides, I see the way you also take care of daddy and I always find it interesting when he goes around calling you ‘baby’ because from what I see, he is the ‘baby’, not you!

You on the other hand are the ‘strong’ one because just like superwoman, you do a 1001 things for us everyday.

But unlike superwoman, you need your rest because your body sometimes gets so tired.

So every now and then, it’s important you let down your hair, put up your feet and when you’re tired, close your eyes.

Also like in the picture, find time to look pretty. Get out of those clothes that look like they were sewn for grandma and get into  something that actually fits.

Rub some of that red stuff on your lips and make your hair into those stylish waves.

I know I’m a handful so why not drop me over at grandma’s more often?

And when daddy comes home in the evening, why not ask him for help when you need it?

As for that lovely friend of yours who keeps visiting, for a change take her up on her offer to assist around the house.

Also, you know the lady next door who talks too much? I heard her whispering that what you need is something called a ‘nanny’. Whatever that means, have you ever considered getting one?


Image result for african american baby yawning

There’s so much more I want to say but for now my eyes are getting tired and I need to catch my sleep. I hope you’ll take a cue from me and do the same because if anything ever happened to ‘you’, I will never forgive ‘me’…

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