For the first time in many months, mommy allowed herself to stare back at her reflection and what she saw made her cringe. Clearly she was overweight, a far cry from her pre-pregnancy days, and as much as it hurt accepting that fact, she slowly repeated it to herself over and over again. It was her own way of coming to terms with the truth she had avoided over the past months or so.

Obviously, mommy didn’t suddenly go 3 sizes up overnight. Neither was she denied access to mirrors in the past many months. On the contrary, she had seen it all coming and initially she spent far too much time scrutinizing every pound of flesh that made its way onto her skin. But with time, she let herself go, excusing every fold and curve as the proud symbols of motherhood. She had every reason to feel honored by them, after all they were signs that she was selfless enough to go 9 months, fending for another life inside of her. They were scars of her hours of bravery. Come on, how many people could boast of such long, labor hours (that translated into days) of excruciating pain without any form of pain reliever. Oh yes, the birth of her little girl was all-natural and all-painful and up till now, she couldn’t quite comprehend how she had been able to get through it.


Then, even though she had thought that all those pregnancy months and labor hours were tough, she had a rethink when she finally got to take her baby home. She got one huge serving on her plate and from then on, with so much consistently going on, she just couldn’t be bothered about how she looked. Yes, motherhood was hard and she had no time for anything else. That is, until now. She had taken it too far, ignoring the medical jargons of BMI and what have you. Not looking good, she suddenly now didn’t feel good either. Her husband hardly complained again because he loved her to bits and maybe more importantly, he was tired of hearing her lectures on her many ‘scars of motherhood’.

However, now that she and hubby were planning baby number 2, mommy had grown quiet as she worried that she just might explode. After round 2, would there ever be hope of her going back to a healthy weight and decent shape again?

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FROM PRECONCEPTION TO BIRTH (with Dr. Ekaidem of St. Ives Specialist Hospital, Ikoyi)

DEVELOPING SOCIAL SKILLS IN CHILDREN (with Dr. Ayenibiowo, Psychologist at the University of Lagos)

SAVE THAT SMILE: The rudiments of dental care in children (with Dr. Makanjuola of Lagos University Teaching Hospital)

THE DIFFERENT SHADES OF PARENTAL NEGLECT (with. Mrs. Adesina, principal of Corona School Agbara)

DUMP TO CASTLE: 9 ways to get your children organized

THE LUNCH BAG (selecting and packing the ideal bag)

IMMUNIZATION AND ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW (with Dr. Adeniyi, Pediatrician at Lagos University Teaching Hospital)

ALL ABOUT THE NURSING BRA (discover when to switch from your regular bras and how to pick out maternity and nursing bras)

WEAR FAREEDAH’S FASHION (featuring baby’s fashion spread that is strictly african print)


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MOMMIES IN BUSINESS (featuring one of our readers sharing her real ‘employment to business’ experience so far)

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OBEE’S CORNER (with Obehi of Bride2mum)


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