The first time my daughter uttered those words to me, I laughed out loud and quickly made the switch from my ‘favourite’ radio show to her sing-a-long nursery rhymes.

Really, I didn’t mind giving up the very show I had waited all day to listen to because I was so excited that she was finally learning to express her needs and wants through logical words.

However, the very next day, when those same words rolled out from her lips, my hearty laugh went missing. ‘Was this a new trend being set?’, I wondered. As in, why were her ‘dancing’ desires suddenly clashing with my radio talk shows? Was this her plan to take over the radio, just as she had done with virtually every other part of my life? 

However, despite the red flags that went off in my head, I quit overthinking the incidence and instead, sacrificed the ‘talk show’ so that my daughter could dance to what I suddenly considered to be very ‘undanceable’ rhymes. Come on girl, did the composer actually mean for you to dance to ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Humpty Dumpty’. Wasn’t it supposed to be a ‘sing along’, accompanied with nothing more than a robotic sway of the body from side to side?

Then, without further ado, the answer to my question was shoved in my face when my eye caught my daughter excitedly letting loose within the constraint of her car seat. She was actually dancing really hard and I, on the other hand, couldn’t resist joining in as I let out my unreserved, hearty laugh, oblivious of what was to follow in the months to come. 

Now, let me explain what I mean –

You see, ever since my daughter learnt to tell me that she wanted to dance, there has simply been no going back. Whenever I so much as tried tuning in to any program that lacked the fun, musical vibe, she would immediately blurt out that ‘she wants to dance’. Even when I try explaining that ‘dances don’t expire’ and she could actually dance after the show, she would use that very moment to emphasize her very urgent need to dance NOW, NOW, NOW.

Refusing to fuss further over the matter, I let her win this battle everyday and then with time, I got to discover that the true interpretation of her wanting to dance wasn’t anywhere near literal at all. What she simply meant was ‘Mom, pleaseeeee, anything but those shows filled with the ‘boring’ adult voices’. As in, she would rather the car is filled with lively, fun beats that made the top of mommy’s head bounce up and down instead of the endless chatter from talk shows that made mommy mutter words like  ‘O ga o!’, ‘Na wa o!’, ‘This life o!’, Thank God o!’, etc. Even though her first choice will always be her rhymes, any other kind of music will also do the trick with her.

So understanding this, I gave up all the shows that have to do with talk, talk, talk and instead, began to daily subject myself to the rhymes that make me act silly while bringing out the priceless chuckles from my daughter.

To be honest, though I sometimes do get tired of this same old routine, I always remind myself that this is a sacrifice worth making because my daughter happens to be at that ‘carefree’, ‘merry’ stage in life and  no matter how horrible the world out there may sometimes seem, she definitely deserves to have her dance every single day.

What favourite thing have you had to give up for the sake of you kid(s)? Do share with us!

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