Hello Moms,

So, I was recently talking to a little child who mentioned that her teacher beat her. When I probed, the child told me that she and her friends had been very naughty and therefore got beaten. Or perhaps what she meant was spanked. I’m not very sure about that.

Anyway, this incidence got me thinking. Is it okay for teachers in the school to discipline a child in this way? I tried recalling my own time in school and if I remember right, I believe there was nothing unusual about getting beaten at the primary school level. Yes, in addition to the punishments, there was also the ‘cane’ which was reserved for extreme cases of naughtiness.

At my secondary school level, maybe I am wrong but I can’t remember beating as being part of the school’s culture. However, what I remember are the punishments which were enough to make you wish for a beating instead.

Now, I tried asking today’s moms how they would feel about a teacher beating their child and unsurprisingly, it was a ‘no-no’ for them. Mind you, it’s not that these moms don’t spank/cane their children at home. It’s just a case that they would rather ‘outsiders’ leave that aspect of discipline to the parents, themselves.

Okay, my opinion? To be honest, I’m kind of torn in the matter. In as much as i would prefer that teachers keep their hands to themselves, let’s face it, children can be very naughty. Come on, haven’t we seen those children who would unrepentantly create another kind of trouble in their naughty corners? Or the ones that are averse to ‘listening’ and would, in the process, upset half the class? Or, let’s come closer home – aren’t there times when your little angels defiantly rebelled until you did some form of spanking/caning?

So, if my child is being very naughty in school and the teacher spanks her/him…in a controlled manner…would I be upset? Should I be upset? Probably not.

I’m not saying that the teacher should form the habit of spanking all the time. Neither am I going to meet the teacher and encourage her to beat my child. I believe in verbal corrections and punishment as the first line of action. I believe that firm verbal corrections and punishment should be enough. However, if for some reason, my child should defiantly refuse to be controlled, then maybe a spanking may not necessarily be out of place.

However, as I said, it should be a controlled spank. For example, maybe something with the hand or a ruler. Nothing crazy like going to pluck a branch from a tree and going on a beating spree. Just something ‘appropriate’ to jerk the child back to reality and restore order.

In addition, I think it is only right that the teacher should afterward, let me know that s/he spanked my child for XYZ reason. Yes, I would want to know if the teacher had to spank my child in my absence.

Now, I sense a lot of people just may be against my ‘view’ because as is said, give a person an inch, and he will go a mile. Well, that is just my own personal opinion and that is why I try to be very, very involved with my child, both at home and in school. As in, my daughter knows I talk to her teachers and her teachers know that I talk to my daughter. So, if anyone should go out of line, I am sure to ‘hear’ all about it from the other party because I try to make sure that both parties are comfortable talking to me about anything.

Before I go, please let me use this opportunity to appreciate everyone who is taking time out to turn this page into a community where we share ideas and experiences. Even though I may not be able to react to each comment, every single word is appreciated.

Thank you and God bless.

Image courtesy of Prawny at FreeDigitalPhotos.net