Last night when she put her baby to her breast she didn’t mean to fall asleep. But she did and it was the soft thud of her baby hitting the ground, followed by his loud, shrilling cry that jerked her back to consciousness.

As she rushed to pick up her crying baby, she felt like the worst mommy ever. She felt horrible. ‘How could she have slept off? How could she have let her barely 3-month old fall to ground?, What permanent damage had she caused her baby?’, she wondered.

With all these questions running through her head she quickly placed a call to the doctor as she tried pacifying her crying baby. She thought the call will make her feel better but following a brief questioning session the doctor advised that she watch her child over the next few weeks and report if she notices any bumps or unusual behaviour such as excessive, inconsolable crying. Still not satisfied with the words of the doctor, she made the short drive down to the hospital and the doctor on duty repeated the same instructions after examining her baby whom he said appeared to be fine.

Come on, wait?! How could she do nothing but wait? How could she just pass time, wondering every second if her baby was going to suddenly develop some weird symptom?’ That was going to be sheer torture! Couldn’t the doctors carry out some tests right now to find out if she had impaired her child for life? ‘Knowing the worst had happened’ was definitely way better than just waiting in the dark.  Somewhere in her head she knew she was being irrational. Many babies had survived worse falls, right? But still, that statistic didn’t help her mind from imagining the worst things. This was by far the worst day of her life and even worse, she dared not share news of the incidence with anyone because she feared the judgmental responses that may follow. So she kept the news all to herself and waited out the next few weeks to see what will become of her baby. Really, she wasn’t sure if she was ever going to forgive herself for this accident.

Dear mommies, hard as you try, you definitely cannot always cheat nature. Breastfeeding is hard work and sooner or later you are bound to fall asleep while on duty. So my advice to you is that during those quiet nights and days, while breastfeeding, sit down in the middle of your bed and surround yourself with pillows. That way even if you do fall asleep and your hand muscles relax, there will be that support from the pillows. In addition, since you will be sitting right in the middle of the bed, there is little chance you will suddenly find your baby on the floor.

Have you ever fallen asleep during breastfeeding? Has your baby ever rolled off your laps while you breastfed him/her? We would love to hear your own story. Do share with us.

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