Many moms tend to blame their sagging breasts on breastfeeding. But the truth is that whether or not you choose to breastfeed, your breasts are bound to sag as you get older. As in, under your watchful eyes your beloved, nicely rounded, firm breasts WILL gradually begin going ‘south’ and unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to stop them.

Now, you must understand that there are factors which speed the breast sagging process along. Some of these factors, such as smoking, can be controlled while others, such as pregnancy, cannot! (except of-course, you choose never to get pregnant)

However, judging by the name of this blog, I’m sure pregnancy is something that has already happened to you and for some of you who just began the journey; it is something that will still happen to you again and then maybe, again.

So the question is this- how does breast sagging come about during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your breasts expand. They get fuller and heavier and the skin surrounding them stretches to accommodate these changes. Then following the birth of your baby, your breast gets filled with milk, making the breast skin to stretch even more.

But once the milk is all gone, your breast reduces back to its original size (or maybe an even smaller size). So, it is all this ‘rising and falling’ of the breast that causes the skin surrounding it to lose its elasticity, giving it a stretched out, saggy look.

So, the question for us is this – If sagging breasts cannot be stopped, can they be managed?

Good enough, the answer is yes! And here’s how…

 *Please note that trying out any of the following is not going to magically restore your sagging breasts or even prevent the inevitable. What it will primarily do for you is help support your breasts and give your chest area a better appearance.

For every season, there is a bra

When you discover that you are pregnant, there is a tendency for you to simply shop for a whole bunch of bigger bras, all in the same size. Then again, when shopping for nursing bras, you are likely to do the same- buy a whole bunch of nursing bras which are all in the same size.

Doing this, you forget that during and after pregnancy, the breast changes are progressive. As in, your breast size at 3 months, 5 months and 9 months are bound to differ and your breast size during nursing and weaning are also bound to be different as well.

So, it is important that at every stage, you get your breasts snugged into not just any bra, but the right bra with the right fitting. As in, one size doesn’t fit all pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy stages. For example, based on your own breast changes, you may probably need a different size of bra for every trimester.

In addition, at night, as you toss and turn about, don’t lose the bra! Keep supporting your breast with comfortable and fitted night-time bras as well.

Doing all of this will support your breast and help hold them up.


Moderation is key

As your body gains weight during pregnancy, your breast itself gets affected as well. As in, the fatty tissue in your breasts will increase, making your breasts bigger.

Now unfortunately, the larger your breasts during pregnancy, the more sagging you will have to deal with after pregnancy. So it is important that as your body does the job of nurturing your baby in-house, you must ensure you don’t lose yourself weight-wise. Your weight gain must be moderate. For example, if you had enjoyed a healthy pre-pregnancy weight, you shouldn’t be adding more than 10-12kg during your journey to motherhood. But note that if you were underweight, you’ll be medically advised to gain more weight and if overweight, less weight. 


Slow and steady wins…

It’s natural that once your baby is out, you’ll be eager and pumped up to lose all the excess pregnancy fat clinging unto your body.

Though this is a good resolution to work at, know that for the good of your breasts, it is better you make your weight loss program a gradual process. As in give the skin, surrounding your breast, time to repair itself and recover from its stretched position. If you don’t, the sudden removal of all that pregnancy fat is bound to give you more ‘sagging’ issues to deal with.


Gym, Gym, Gym

To strengthen and tone the muscles which support your breast tissue, you can engage in  exercises that focus on the chest muscles. Amongst others, such exercises include push-up, chest-press, chest-fly and standing press.

Now whilst at this, be sure to wear a well-fitted sports bra which will prevent your breasts from wobbling around and also give them the much needed support for a better appearance.


The Moisturizer

To aid the elasticity and resilience of your breast skin, keep your breast regularly moisturized with cocoa butter or shea butter. This moisturizing culture must begin when you are pregnant so that following the birth of your child, your skin would already be prepared to rebound better from its stretched out state.


Cold Water Splash

After a relaxing, steamy bath, let your body enjoy a cold water splash. This will help the tissue surrounding your breasts to contract and make the breasts themselves appear firmer. Alternatively, you could give your breasts ice massages which must not last more than a minute at a time in order to avoid numbness.


The Mask

According to, cucumber has natural skin toning properties, egg yolk has high levels of proteins and vitamins that are good for sagging breasts and egg white has skin nourishing properties that are also good for sagging breasts. So in light of the above, the following masks were recommended…

Add 1blended cucumber to a paste made up of I egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of butter. Apply the mix unto your breasts and wash off with cold water in another 30 minutes. Alternatively, your mask could consist of 1 egg white and 1 tablespoon each of plain yoghurt and honey. Apply the mix to your breasts and then rinse off with cold water in another 20 minutes.

Doing this is said to strengthen the breast tissues and give the breast a firmer appearance


  • The more kids you have, the more stretched the skin surrounding your breast will become
  • Smokers are more prone to sagging breasts because smoking causes the skin to lose its elasticity
  • Your genes determine the strength of the ligaments in your breasts and the size and shape of your breasts
  • Smaller breasts with rounder bottoms are likely to stay in better shape than its counterpart
  • Gaining weight is likely to stretch your breasts out more as they get bigger in sizer
  • Medical studies have shown that pregnancy, and not breastfeeding is one of the real cause of sagging breasts. So don’t deny your child the breastfeeding privilege
  • Whether or not you get pregnant (and/or breastfeed), age will someday, sometime catch up on your breasts 
  • The best thing you can do for yourself is to embrace the impending changes in question. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in working hard to look your best. But please, don’t obsess over the matter. Love your body and accept the changes that it ‘enjoys’ (courtesy pregnancy) because these changes are only reminders that you have actually been blessed with the priceless opportunity of carrying your kid(s) for a whole 40 weeks or so.


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